Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Squishy Turbo

Embroidery details
Squishy Turbo
Everything that needed to be stuffed is done! A squishy version of Turbo is traveling with me. Two more sleeps & Toronto here I come! :-)

50 Lovely Comments:

Blogger bellalullo said...

Love your amazing work!!

11/28/2012 8:48 AM  
Blogger Memory box at 27 said...

aww so cute!!!!

11/28/2012 9:02 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

Bringing tons of smiles to my face. So cute!

11/28/2012 9:13 AM  
Blogger -- thispaperjournal -- said...

Incredibly cute! :)))

11/28/2012 9:16 AM  
Blogger Claud said...

Ese gatito y Turbo estan preciosos! Cuanto talento e inspiracion.

11/28/2012 9:29 AM  
Blogger Yna said...

Ahh, I recognized him right away. Turbo looks great.
Nice that he is so well reconciled with cat and bird :)

11/28/2012 9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Realmente quedo maravillada cada vez que paso por tu blog, todo bellísimo!

11/28/2012 9:41 AM  
Anonymous Michele S said...

Squishy Turbo is almost as cute as the real thing! And that is really saying something!!

11/28/2012 10:24 AM  
Blogger jennycute said...

They are so adorable!

11/28/2012 12:32 PM  
Blogger ariadne said...

Have a great trip!Kisses to Margie and Arounna!AriadnefromGreece!

11/28/2012 12:49 PM  
Blogger glaucia said...

too cute! All of them, specially Turbo. Enjoy your time in Toronto, it's a very beautiful city, I wish one day I'll be able to go back there :)

11/28/2012 1:04 PM  
Anonymous Tere said...

a puesto que te lo quieres dejar para ti, Genine!! Quedó precioso, van a ser un éxito!

11/28/2012 3:03 PM  
Blogger Korfela said...

the best friends ... ;-) I love this blue and brown colours ... Thank you for the fresh breeze ... Lenka

11/28/2012 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Julie Lapointe said...

I want to adopt him, I want to adopt him! :-)

11/28/2012 6:12 PM  
Anonymous jackinki said...

i love these! ;)

11/29/2012 3:56 AM  
Blogger Polly said...

I especially love the dog! so sweet! :-)

11/29/2012 6:24 AM  
Blogger My Life in Blog Years said...

Oh my gosh these are so cute! I write a dog blog and I would love to show off these images to my readers. May I borrow them and tell them about your beautiful work?

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11/29/2012 4:11 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Love the squishy Turbo!

11/30/2012 7:36 AM  
Blogger Vivi said...

wow!!! beautiful! x

12/01/2012 6:31 AM  
Blogger Hacer said...

This looks so amazingly cute!

12/01/2012 7:53 AM  
Blogger Amir jamil said...

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Anonymous Mariana said...

Wonderful! :)

12/02/2012 1:33 PM  
Blogger ali raza said...

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12/03/2012 10:06 PM  
Anonymous Caty said...

gorgeous! Turbo is very handsome!

great work as always

missing your beautiful calendar this month

12/04/2012 12:16 AM  
Blogger funnyka said...

Wonderful and so cute!

12/04/2012 2:15 PM  
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Blogger Jason Smith said...

Very creative! Reminds me of projects that I would watch my mom do as a kid... she was very crafty too.

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12/06/2012 2:27 AM  
Anonymous Mary R said...

I so miss your December calendar page. it is always so beautiful

12/06/2012 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Fatima said...

Ditto on what Mary R said... Not sure what I'll put as my desktop wallpaper. Will a calendar be out soon?

12/06/2012 8:37 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

they look really good, nice job - really creative and much cheaper to look after than the real thing - hehe :)

12/07/2012 2:18 AM  
Blogger fuzzywool said...

Add me to the people who love your beautiful desktop calender - I hope you are okay? I know it's not like you to go missing for so long, I am a bit worried! Hope you are just busy!

12/07/2012 10:14 AM  
Blogger AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

I'm missing December's calendar. Love you!!!

12/07/2012 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with fuzzywool, hope all is well.

12/08/2012 9:59 AM  
Blogger Selima said...

The cat is so nice :-)

12/08/2012 2:10 PM  
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