Friday, April 06, 2007

Illustration Friday: GREEN

Watercolor & white acrylic ink on paper.
Yay for free birdies!


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Blogger claudine hellmuth said...


4/06/2007 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Monica said...

What a beautiful illo! Great greens and such a lovely, ornate cage. I'm glad it's empty now, though... :-)

4/06/2007 6:51 PM  
Blogger Inkygirl said...

Lovely illustration, and I love the idea of the bird flying free!

4/06/2007 7:24 PM  
Blogger Teri C said...

Fun collection of greens and love the free bird.

4/06/2007 7:33 PM  
Blogger Carlene said...

Freebird!! Hee hee. We must be on the same wavelength; I've been drawing birdcages, too. I love the white ink cage so much.

4/06/2007 7:35 PM  
Blogger Pati @-;-- said...

¡Qué dulce y que linda illo, Geninne! Ojalá pudiese hacer lo mismo con los loritos de mi mamá... me causa mucha pena verlos enjaulados.

Un besito.

4/06/2007 7:41 PM  
Anonymous lilygirl said...

Cute! I love the bright colors!

4/06/2007 8:04 PM  
Blogger zime said...

Que hermoso, me encantan los detalles de la jaula.
Gracias por pasar por mi blog, siempre eres muy bienvenida! ;)

4/06/2007 8:49 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

White acrylic was a fabulous idea, it looks wonderful!

4/06/2007 8:56 PM  
Anonymous annax said...

Wonderful illustration. Love coming to your blog!

4/07/2007 12:09 AM  
Blogger Michelle Lana said...

so beautiful!

4/07/2007 4:09 AM  
Blogger md said...

wht song is it u wanna hear. lets hear it for freebird (s) ok so i had to plug one of my favorite r/r songs.
great design and wonderful colors all a round.

4/07/2007 5:30 AM  
Blogger Diane Duda said...

i love the colors and feel of this! makes me feel good!

4/07/2007 6:27 AM  
Blogger marcisenders said...


4/07/2007 7:45 AM  
Blogger mcscrub said...

great colors

4/07/2007 10:31 AM  
Blogger Anina said...

Wonderful lime - my favorite color.

4/07/2007 3:03 PM  
Blogger Andrew Thornton said...

Awwwww. What a sweet illustration! I hope your birdie enjoys the wide-open-world. It can be a dangerous place and it looks like he used to have a pretty nice cage. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

4/08/2007 10:24 PM  
Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely illustration! The bird is so cute and I hope it enjoys its freedom! I love the colours too!

4/09/2007 2:08 AM  
Anonymous threebuttontrick said...

this is lovely. it's freedom and joy! really good colours. i like your style.

4/09/2007 10:17 AM  
Blogger costi-k said...

Lindisimo Geninne!!!
Cada cosa que haces es preciosa

4/09/2007 5:56 PM  
Blogger Ginger*:)* said...

Fly away little bird. To the beautiful land that must lie beyond your cage. Watch out for cats, bats, owls and big dogs, and come back again to your delightfully created home.

4/10/2007 10:12 AM  
Blogger tusen said...

I love your style - so nice and clean, but very warm at the same time. I really like all the shades of green, too.

4/11/2007 11:27 AM  
Anonymous abbygabert @ gmail dot com said...

Oh my I *love* the free birdie! It's hard not to be obsessed with the birdies right now - they're everywhere, both on the internet and outside my window. Your art helps me appreciate spring even more. :)

4/14/2007 10:33 AM  
Blogger alenka papez said...

love your work!

10/15/2013 3:54 PM  

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